Haven Holistic Therapy -
Complementary Therapy Aftercare

So that your treatment will bring you maximum benefit, the following aftercare advice should be followed for 24 hours:

  • Try to rest and relax - this will help the body to heal.

  • Drink plenty of water - this will help flush out toxins released during treatment and prevent contra-indications.

  • Eat small meals - the demands of digestion will divert energy away from the healing process.

  • Avoid Caffeine (Tea/Coffee/Cola) caffeine is a stimulant and therefore will not help the body to relax.

  • Try to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol - as the treatment is detoxifying, smoking and drinking alcohol will reintroduce toxins back into the body.

  • If Oil has been used after an Indian Head Massage, it is advisable to leave it in over night, dry shampoo your hair fiorst then shampoo and condition as normal to feel the positive effects upon your hair.

It is normal to feel emotional and tired after Complementary Therapy especially Reflexology as you go into a very deep level of relaxation, this is  due to the release of hormones and the flushing out of toxins during treatment. Other reactions may be a headache, frequent urination or bowel movements but this is also a sign that the immune system is strengthened.

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