Haven Holistic Therapy -
Facial Therapy

Holistic Facial & Massage
30 or 60 minutes
This is is beauifully relaxing facial treatment which involves Skin Truth products for sensitive skin. The facial treatment is given during a relaxing facial and scalp massage. Skin is left feeling beautifully cleansed and soft and tension is relieved.

Lava Shells Therma Facial -
30 or 60 minutes

This intensely hydrating, anti-ageing facial uses Spa Find natural Dead Sea mineral products to renew and revive the
complexion. The face, neck and décolleté are deeply cleansed and exfoliated to prepare the skin for a specialised

The warm self-heating Lava Shells are used to lift, drain and contour the face leaving skin radiant and glowing. The natural heat from the Lava Shells is instantly relaxing allowing you to drift into a tranquil state of mind whilst aiding the penetration of skincare products increasing their effectiveness. The Lava Shells warmth will improve circulation, ease tension lines and boost your skins natural radiance whilst alleviating sinus blockages, puffiness and
aiding the removal of toxins.

Good for: Tired, stressed and congested skin, headaches and blocked sinuses.

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