Haven Holistic Therapy -
Hot Stone Massage
Thousands of yours old and originally founded in Arizona America, Hot Stones have been used for many different reasons such as Native American women using hot stones to relieve period pain by placing them on their stomachs, pilgrims would put hot stones at the end of their bed to warm heir feet and the acient Mapuche tribes of China used black volcanic stones for healing and divination. Later Mary Nelson originated LaStone Therapy in 1993 becomming the Therapy now widley used by Salans and Spas around the world.

Deeply holistic, Volcanic Hot Stones are heated within a small heater containing water and used to to give a much deeper and relaxing massage. The warmth from the stones penetrates 1.5 inches into muscle tissure thus allowing tension nodules to be smoothed away more effectively. The feel of the stones on your skin feel warm and firm but smooth to touch.


             Full Body: 1 hour
              This massage combines all of the above in a full hour of relaxation. The only
              thing you will need to think about is the sound of the music and the warmth of
              the stones on your skin, slowly releasing all the tension in your muscles, leaving you
              feeling refreshed and re energised.

             Full Body, Face & Scalp: 1 hr 20 minutes
              Once again this massage combines all of the above with an additional 20 minutes
              focusing on the face and scalp to complete the deeply relaxing treatment. Not only will
              your skin and muscles feel wonderfully rejuvenated but this can also duce headaches
              and eye strain and hair can be left feeling deeply nourished due to the increased
              oxygen within the hair follicle.

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