Haven Holistic Therapy -
Indian Head Massage
Passed down through generations in India, Indian Head Massage or Champissage as it is known in India  was commonly used by women who used different oils i.e. coconut, sesame and almond to massage members of their family. The oils kept their hair in beautiful condition.

Today Indian Head Massage is used by hairdressers, barbers and massage therapists. it is mainly an invigorating scalp massage which stimulates and refreshes.

Haven Holistic Therapy offers a massage with oil or a dry massage if you do not like the feeling of being oily afterward. Massages can be done whilst you are clothed due to the option of it being dry.

20 Minute Indian Head Massage
This massage focuses on your neck, face and scalp. It is deeply relaxing and releaving facial tension. Hair is left feeling full and lustrous.

40 Minute Massage
This massage not only incorporates the face, neck and scalp but also arms, hands, shoulders and back.

This massage is extremely invigorating and you feel refreshed and stimulated after.

It is advised that for excellent results for your hair, oil should be left in overnight. In the morning, it is recommended to dry shampoo your hair first then follow your normal shampoo/conditioning routine thereafter.

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