Haven Holistic Therapy -
Macmillan at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Cosham

Sarah provides Complementary Therapy at QA Hospital to patients, carers and famalies who are affected by Cancer.

Cancer Support
Sarah has also attended specialist Adaption training at St Wilfreds Hospice in Chichester, this means that all Haven Holistic Therapies can be adapted for someone who has a cancer diagnosis, going through treatment or remission. This is subject to consultation and GP/ Specialist approval.

People who are receiving Complementary Therapy to help them cope with the effects of Cancer find that the Therapy helps with anxiety and sleep. Quite often it is a time to find perspective or process what is happening in their lives.

For further advice as to how this can help please do not hesitate to contact me.

Links to Macmillan and other organisations below:



Macmillan is also Haven Holistic Therapy's designated charity. Anyone raising money for Mamillan or Cancer Research and needing a treatment to help them prepare for an event will have 15% removed from their fee and given to Cancr Reasearch/Macmillan.
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