Haven Holistic Therapy -
Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage or 'Classic/ Holistic' massage is one of the oldest forms of body treatment and Complementary Therapy dating back to the 1800's. Today it has become the most popular type of massage in the UK.

There are a number of different types of medium which may be used for your massage; oil, cream, gel or powder. Which type would depend upon your own personal preference and the type of skin you may have. For example if you have very dry skin a relaxing
massage with a nourishing cream will leave your
 skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Who can have Swedish Massage?
Most people will be able to receive a form of Swedish Massage due to bespoke nature and approach applied. Each massage treatment will commence with a medical consultation and in response to your needs and reasons for having the massage a treatment will be tailor made to meet your expectations.

What Haven Holistic Therapy can offer you...
Haven Holistic Therapy have  designed a number of different types of massage to choose from, however these are not exhaustive and just examples of how a treatment can be designed around your needs:

  • Back, Neck & Shoulders: 20-30 minutes
              The back, neck and shoulder massage is often the most enjoyable part of a massage as
              you can loose yourself in movements which flow smoothly and slowly into each other.
              Each nodule of tension will be kneaded and smoothed away leaving you feeling more
              supple and relaxed in the process.

  • Back, Neck, Shoulders & Legs: 40 Minutes
               Ideal for people doing alot of exercise particularly running, this massage not only 
               focuses upon the muscles in the back but also the leg muscles paying additional 
               attention and firmer pressure to the thigh and calf muscles which are put 
               under stress during exercise. The long flowing strokes helps to release muscle tension 
               and increases blood circulation whilst tapotement will help to improve muscle tone.

  • The Upper Body Massage - Back, Neck, Shoulders & Arms: 30 Minutes
               Designed for people using a great deal of upper body strength within their jobs or
               exercise such as sailing, this massage combines the effects of a back massage with
               additional focus on the upper and lower arms, wrist and hands. This massage
               leaves aching fingers particularly feeling more flexible with muscles feeling more

  • Full Body: 50 minutes
              This massage combines all of the above in almost a full hour of relaxation. The only
              thing you will need to think about is the sound of the music and the warmth of
              massage on your skin, slowly releasing all the tension in your muscles, leaving you
              feeling refreshed and re energised.

  • Full Body, Face & Scalp: 1 hr 10 minutes
              Once again this massage combines all of the above with an additional 20 minutes
              focusing on the face and scalp to complete the deeply relaxing treatment. Not only will
              your skin and muscles feel wonderfully rejuvenated but this can also duce headaches
              and eye strain and hair can be left feeling deeply nourished due to the increased
              oxygen within the hair follicle.

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