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The benefits of  Massage
Massage not only improves your welbeing and health, it also promotes energy, relaxing the mind and body and reduces stress and anxiety. In addition it promotes feelings of contentment and gives you a pampered, one to one feeling.

Not only does it have wonderful psychological effects, massage can also have the following physical effects:

The skin...
  • Condition of the skin is improved due to the increased blood supply delivering nutrients. This also helps the colour of the skin to be improved to emit a healthy glow. Scare tissue is also loosened.
  • The massage medium will also help to nourish and soften the skin.
  • Adipose tissue can be reduced as the increase in the blood supply will aid the dispersal of fat.  (However a healthy diet and exercise needs to also happen to achieve this)

Joints & Muscle tissue
  • An increase in blood supply to a joint will provide nourishment to the area.
  • Deep massage will help to loosen or remove nodules and adhesions found in muscle tissue around joints.
  • Mobility of joint movement is maintained or improved.
  • Muscles are relaxed due to the warmth of the increase in blood supply relieving symptoms of tension.
  • Nutrients are delivered to muscle tissue and waste is removed improving the condition of muscles.
  • Pain, stiffness and muscle fatigue can be reduced by the removal of metabolic waste and the increase in delivery of nutrients and oxygen.
  • The elasticity of muscles is improved as tight muscle fibres are stretched allowing muscles to function normally.
  • Nodules, resulting from tension, poor posture or injury are broken down and removed.
  • Muscles are stretched and warmed improving tone, flexibility, pain and fatigue
  • Improve muscle tone

Blood Circulation, Lymphatic & Respiratory system
  • Blood flow is increased producing an erythema.
  • The supply of fresh, oxygenated blood is increased.
  • Delivery of nutrients and removal of metabolic waste products is increased.
  • Due to an increase in the flow of blood, the area is warmed.
  • A relaxing, slow massage may help reduce high blood pressure.
  • The flow of lymph is speed up affecting the rate at which waste products are removed or transported to the nearest lymph node.
  • Oedema is improved as the excess fluid causing this condition is able to be transferred to the lymphatic vessel walls to be carried away from the swollen area.
  • Massage will aid relaxation encouraging clients to inhale and exhale correctly and at a controlled speed.
  • Manipulations over the chest area can help to loosen congested mucous.

Digestive, Nervous & urinary system
  •  Abdominal massage stimulates peristalsis to move digested food along the colon.
  • Constipation and flatulence may improve. 
  • Sensory nerve endings are soothed through slow massage producing a relaxing, sedative effect.
  • Brisk massage techniques will have a stimulating effect on sensory nerve endings.
  • Balances the nervous system
  • An improvement in circulation to the kidneys will increase the output of urine eliminating toxins. 

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